Enjoy Summer with City Beach

City Beach is one of the most popular stores across Australia with around 60 physical stores around different cities in Australia. Kids aged from 7 till 16 who love to skate in summers try to avail City Beach promo codes at skaters store for getting their skates in all sizes and shapes. Being one of the highest profiled and in demand stores for supplies of summer sports, I with my kid planned to go to the store for buying skates for my six-year-old who was almost ready to start her skating classes in a week.

I had been dreading her skating classes because I was too afraid of some accidents a child skater could get into and all those bruises and wounds just made my heart go weak. I initially succeeded in persuading Samantha on not to start skating for the next year or two but, I guess I could not win in the end when she came with the:” All my friend skate mommy” argument.

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