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I was dating Mark since past 6 months and this relation I can vouch had a spark between us. We were more of friends then being in relations and that was the perfect thing when taking care of the needs of one another arises. He pampered me like as if he wanted me to never get hurt in any possible way and this feeling of his was returned to him in the same way. We used to visit places like restaurants, shopping centers and more together exploring and criticizing as well. Just three days back Mark wanted to spend quality time at home rather going someplace out and this meant that I was cooking home. Hello Fresh promo codes came to my help at this point of time when I was all fixed between what to do and what not to. The help I received from the store was worth appreciating.

I choose to make cheese fritters for the starters, lemon pepper beef with warm mustard broccoli and potato discs for main course while I stay low on my dessert with fruit salad and wine. The menu I decided was quite a lot for me to make but still I wanted to impress Mark. Hello Fresh proved to be that knight in shining armor which helped me in finding right solution.

I placed the order and within two days received it too according to my choice with mentioning that what I wanted to cook. The box of goodies included all the ingredients and to my relief I got the recipe card to make the perfect meal for the one person I loved the most. As soon I got the ingredients, I marinated the steak and kept in the fridge as tomorrow was my big day when I was to be praised or nagged where my cooking was involved. Next day I came early from the work and started preparing what I had in mind. The fritters’ batter was prepared and only frying and dishing was required. Steak was to be placed in the oven but just an hour before the meal now I paid attention to the side lines for which I got the fresh potatoes, broccoli, spinach, lettuce and other ingredients and spices.


I don’t know why I was panicking as now I could feel that preparing everything was so easy and almost things were ready too. I diced the fruits in small chunks and poured the fresh cream with little sprinkle of icing sugar and chocolate giving my dessert all done indication. Now I needed to take out all the platters and appropriate dishes to dish out what I cooked specially for Mark.

The food looked tempting and had the aroma to grab attention of anyone whether food lover or not. Mark was at home by 7 in the evening and without wasting time I placed the dishes on the table for which I was helped by Mark.

I knew my heart and soul efforts were visible from what I placed as food on the table and when he took his first bite of the food, I was all curious to know how it tasted. To my extreme delight he loved everything and praised to an extent I felt that yes I can cook equal to a chef in any intercontinental restaurant. Thanks to Hello Fresh coupon codes which were the best source of help for me to come up with the most delightful dinner I could have ever cooked. The day was no doubt a hectic one along with worries related to how my meal would turn out but now I was all relieved and felt on top of the world.

Make the most of the freshest ingredients and recipes coming from the best store Hello Fresh where all your food related needs gets satisfied thoroughly.

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